Is your drinking out of control? You want to quit, but you don’t know how to get started. The alcohol detox center at The Retreat wants to help you. Above all, caring therapists plan to put you on the road to lasting sobriety.

Why You Need the Help of an Alcohol Detox CenterAlcohol detox center in California. An alcohol detox Los Angeles can trust.

Struggling with a drinking problem is dangerous. Stopping the addiction isn’t as simple as just quitting the alcohol intake. Because there are dangerous withdrawal symptoms to deal with, working with an alcohol detox center is vital. Consider the alcohol withdrawal timeline.

You probably feel the first withdrawal symptoms at about six to eight hours after your last drink. It starts with trembling hands and some shakiness. Your gastrointestinal system suffers upset, too. You can’t keep food down and begin to experience abdominal pain.

Next, you’ll most likely deal with muscle cramps and overall weakness. You suffer from depression or anxiety. Similarly, you develop bouts of frustration and outbursts of anger. You may not necessarily direct them to a specific person.

After about a day, your body chemistry seems to undergo significant changes. Suddenly, your heart rate spikes. Moreover, you have a difficult time regulating your body temperature. At the alcohol detox center, medical specialists can prevent the brunt of these withdrawal symptoms.

Mitigating Potential Dangers to Your Health

Specifically, the 72-hour mark of alcohol withdrawal is a danger zone. Some people experience hallucinations, seizures, and delirium tremens. These are medical emergencies, which require immediate intervention. Therefore, at the alcohol detox center, physicians will provide the care you need if these situations arise.

At the facility, healthcare professionals keep you safe and comfortable. Similarly, they anticipate problems and employ forward-thinking modalities to handle health issues before they occur. Examples include the use of pharmacological support to manage cravings and pain of withdrawal symptoms. Other therapeutic approaches include:

The alcohol detox Los Angeles trusts isn’t just about the medical care aspect. Although it’s a major consideration, there’s more to a successful rehab experience. The Retreat’s luxury concierge services will be there for you at all times to ensure your comfort.

At The Retreat, experts understand that stress is a significant contributing factor to alcohol abuse. Therefore, the absence of pressure is a requirement for regaining your health. A spa-like atmosphere is more likely to provide you with this environment than a hospital setting. Enjoy time in the peaceful surroundings to rid yourself of stressors that hinder recovery.

Now that you understand the complexity of care that goes on at our alcohol detox center, see it for yourself. Reach out to the intake consultants at The Retreat for insurance verification. At that time, you can schedule a meeting with a specialist and undergo a wellness orientation. Call 866-801-8848 today to learn more about The Retreat and our detox programs.