At The Retreat, you have access to a personal trainer and our physical therapy program. However, what’s the big deal with exercise and this aspect of wellness? Similarly, how do physical therapy and personal training boost your detox experience? Your recovery questions – answered!

Current Misconceptions About DetoxPhysical Therapy and Personal Training have many benefits. Learn more about our physical therapy program.

When discussing detoxification, most people expect medical interventions. Pharmacological support is a necessity. Similarly, there needs to be around-the-clock medical monitoring of your progress. Most people also expect some group sessions.

In contrast, detox isn’t just about the mental and spiritual healing that you want. In fact, there’s a significant emphasis on physiological healing. This explains what’s so essential about physical therapy and personal training.

How Physical Therapy and Personal Training Support Detox

Drug and alcohol abuse take a toll on your body. It’s more likely to develop an infection. Underlying medical issues become more pronounced. Besides that, you might sustain injuries while drunk or high, which now cause problems.

You probably feel sick and without energy. You’d love to do the things that you used to be able to do. Maybe going up a flight of stairs leaves you feeling winded. It doesn’t have to be like that.

With the help of physical therapy and personal training, you make a lifestyle change. You already committed to cutting out drugs or alcohol from your daily routine. Because you probably spent a lot of time doing these things, it’s vital to fill this void with something else. Exercise and fitness are two options.

Physical therapy rebuilds your strength and targets areas of physiological weakness. An expert helps you to put together a regimen that is fun and suitable for at-home continuation. You’ll notice that your body responds well to these modalities. As a result, they build your confidence that you can do more.

This is where personal training comes in. Your trainer finds out about your interests and preferences, which factor into the design of an exercise protocol. Combine it with an ongoing physical therapy program to see rapid increases in stamina and strength.

A Whole-Person Approach

Of course, there’s a lot more to detoxification than physical therapy and personal training. They have to be part of a concerted action. For example, supportive approaches include:

One of the most critical modalities is a dialectical behavior therapy program. Did you know that overwhelming emotions could result in physiological suffering? Your uncontrolled feelings might be making you sick. By learning to manage them appropriately, you get back in control over your life.

Exercise and physical therapy help you to overcome some of the damage that they’ve done. For some, The Retreat is the first place where they learn about the relationship between the psyche and the body. When you regain power over emotions and see your ability to relax increase, it’s a paradigm shift. Feel the empowerment that a boost to physical and emotional health will bring.

Learn more about the many ways that physical therapy and personal training can be game changers for your detox experience. You don’t have to suffer because of overwhelming emotions and a need to control them somehow with chemicals. On the contrary! Contact The Retreat at 866-801-8848 to get the help you need to make lasting changes for the better.