Find Your Path to Recovery at The Retreat

Before you ask what rehab is like, you must want to enter detox in the first place. This is a commitment that can be difficult for many people. However, our staff at The Retreat understands the bravery it takes to commit to this detox process. We are here to support you at all times, providing a safe and private environment for our clients.

Specifically, what is rehab like?When you enter detox and addiction treatment, you may have fears and concerns of the unknown process ahead of you. However, this is a life-altering experience that will lead you on a path to sobriety and a better tomorrow. Therefore, what is rehab like and how can it help you lead a better life?

What is Rehab Like at The Retreat?

When you enter one of our detox programs at The Retreat, you don’t need to worry about being in detox with a population of kids that need oversight at all times. You will be in an environment of professionals that are in a more mature phase of life, but have been confronted with their own struggle of substance use. Many of our clients – through no fault of their own but due to accidents, traumas or injuries – are prescribed medications that cause physiological dependencies. We are here to provide care and supervision to keep you at ease and comfortable with this process of recovery.

Because of our exclusive location, you are set apart from the plethora of treatment centers in the Los Angeles area, and you have the privilege of being in a tranquil and peaceful home, in a very private community that is safe and secure, and where you can let go of all outside distractions of life.

What is Rehab Like? Original Assessment and Timeline

At The Retreat, we provide original biological, psychological and sociological assessments for both you and your family. This will help us develop the perfect timeline and treatment plan for your specific needs. Furthermore, we provide individual therapy sessions to help you gain an understanding of your addiction while working with our professional counselors and therapists.

What is rehab like once your treatment begins? Once your treatment plan is in place, you will begin to learn relapse prevention techniques and coping skills through an addiction specific DBT daily treatment program. The Retreat will also help you with an exit strategy and introduce you to a recovery community once you are ready to leave detox. Ongoing support is extremely important for your transition back to daily life, and recovery is a lifelong journey that requires commitment and support at all times. We will not leave you stranded without the resources you need to thrive!

Join us at The Retreat and begin your journey to sobriety with confidence. For more information about our programs, contact us today at (866) 801-8848.