The levels of care and expansive service options available at The Retreat generally far exceed that of traditional medical detox and addiction treatment services. Whether from a clinical perspective, or that of holistic and nutritional excellence, or to an environment that truly delivers exquisite surroundings and comfort on every level, we are the gold standard in care. As such, for those without private PPO out-of-network health insurance coverage, our daily private-pay rates will range anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 per day, depending upon a number of factors. Through our health insurance verification form, you can ease the financial burdens of private detox through an easy process.

For those currently with PPO medical insurance plans, we provide a convenient verification of benefits form below in order to help alleviate the burden of dealing with insurance during this stressful time for you. Upon completion of the form, we have a highly skilled team in place in which to help you in maximizing your plan benefits. There are many plan types, variations and levels of copays and deductibles. Rest assured that all information submitted is 100% confidential and protected under strict HIPAA privacy laws. Fill out our quick and easy health insurance verification form below and begin the process of entering detox. For more information, contact The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers today at (866) 801-8848.