Detox admissions at The Retreat.Before entering detox, it’s important to speak with an intake counselor and learn more about the process. In fact, detox admissions at The Retreat will give you the opportunity to visit the facility and get an overview of our programs and therapies.

This will help you build trust with our professional staff while we learn about your substance abuse history and any specific concerns you may have. Specifically, our team will guide you through detox with comfort and support.

Detox Admissions Process

Once you visit our facility, we’ll work with you through an original assessment. Therefore, we can learn more about your addiction and its root causes. Next, we’ll develop a personalized detox plan that addresses your specific experiences and circumstances.

Each and every individual faces addiction in different ways. However, at The Retreat, we understand the importance of custom care protocols to ensure your safety and success in detox.

For example, our therapies and programs include:

  • Neurocognitive assessment
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga/Tai Chi
  • Non 12-step skills education
  • Meditation and mindfulness training

As you can, we offer a wide range of therapies and services that can help you overcome the challenges of detox. Moreover, our concierge services will be available to you at all times during your stay.

Privacy and Luxury in Detox

At The Retreat, we take pride in providing luxurious amenities and services for our guests. In addition, we recognize your need for privacy during this difficult time. With that in mind, we offer a private detox setting so you can completely focus on your recovery.

At The Retreat, we have taken special consideration in the quality of this setting and we can ensure that you will find comfort and serenity as you begin this journey.

Learn More About The Retreat Today

To learn more about detox admissions at the Retreat, reach out to our friendly staff today. You can contact us now at (866) 801-8848 for more information about our one-of-kind facility and services.