luxury concierge services at The Retreat.When you enter one of our detox programs at The Retreat, you will have access to around-the-clock concierge services. Therefore, you can rest easy each night knowing our professional staff is there to tend to each and every need.

When you enter detox, it’s important to feel comfortable so you can completely focus on your recovery. With our concierge services, we’ll be there to help you overcome any difficulties in the process while providing various services.

What Are Concierge Services?

Specifically, concierge services at The Retreat is supervision and support at all times. After treatment and therapy each day, our staff will be there to tend to each of your needs. If you are struggling with withdrawal symptoms, we’ll help you through that process with proven, effective, and supportive care.

At The Retreat, you gain the privacy you deserve to overcome substance abuse. Therefore, you have your own private room and our concierge services will be there to help you feel comfortable at all times. Your room will include WiFi, a flat-screen TV, 24/7 security, and access to amenities such as our beautiful swimming pool and jacuzzi, ability to receive massages, acupressure and an on site gym.

Our staff will take care of any specific requests you have while providing assistance for your living arrangements. Adjusting to inpatient detox can be overwhelming. However, we offer services such as daily laundry, dry cleaning, nutritional counseling, and a personal maid.

Detox Programs at The Retreat

Each and every individual will face different circumstances in addiction. In fact, your experience will be different than that of someone who is abusing the same substance. With this in mind, we offer a variety of detox programs that can be customized to your specific needs. We’ll help you completely rid your body of the substance in a safe, supportive environment. For example, our programs and therapies include:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Massage therapy

With a combination of therapies in your program, you can begin to understand the root causes of your addiction. This will help you transition into the next phase of treatment seamlessly with a focused and personalized treatment plan in place.

Additionally, our concierge services will be by your side at all times whenever a need arises. With a full range of care options, The Retreat is proud to offer the exclusive, luxurious detox modalities and amenities you deserve.

The Retreat’s Life-Changing Detox

Are you ready to face your addiction head-on? Moreover, do you require privacy and a comforting environment with concierge services? If so, reach out to The Retreat today at (866) 801-8848.