Learn more about The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers. Find more information about The Retreat Detox today.The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers cater to adults and professionals who are looking for a luxurious, exclusive, and private detox environment. Our staff has the experience, training, and compassion to help you gain a new lease on life in a comforting and lavish setting. Learn more about The Retreat today and regain control of your life for an exciting, healthy future.

Near Pasadena in Glendora, California, we specialize in detoxification from chemical dependency. Specifically, we strive to help our clients who suffered from injuries or accidents that led to abuse of pain and anxiety medications. With The Retreat by your side, you can overcome the challenges of detox in a safe, private environment with one-of-a-kind amenities.

High Quality Detox and Upscale Amenities

In the serene, exclusive community of Glendora, California near the San Gabriel Mountains, The Retreat provides our clients with private suites and around-the-clock care. Furthermore, they have access to a private holistic chef, personal physical training, massage therapy, yoga, and more.

In fact, our facilities don’t have the feel of most treatment centers in America today. Our “retreat” and resort setting provides the perfect atmosphere to regain control of your life.

Programs And Therapies at The Retreat

At The Retreat, we recognize the importance of providing a wide range of proven and effective detox programs and therapies. Therefore, we offer services such as:

Our primary treatment focus is on the “outcome based” modality model of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). With your very own personal health therapist, you’ll learn and develop specialized skills in lieu of medication to assist you in daily life. Moreover, we treat the entire body, mind, and spirit at The Retreat.

With DBT, you will attend group sessions and individual counseling to learn mindfulness skills, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

Learn More About The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Today

With The Retreat by your side, you can detox in a safe, comforting, and luxurious environment that gives you a break from the hardships of daily life. In addition, you will be able to focus solely on your recovery without the fears of overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. Our professional staff will provide around-the-clock medical supervision and care, along with concierge services, to meet your needs and concerns at all times.

To learn more about The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers, reach out to our friendly staff today. You can contact us now at (866) 801-8848 for more information about our life-changing detox programs and services.