Build A Foundation For Addiction Recovery Through Luxurious Detox at The Retreat!

About The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers

At The Retreat, we provide an exclusive, private, and serene detox center for our clients to begin the recovery process. With a variety of detox programs and services, we strive to help individuals overcome the challenges of chemical dependency in a safe, comforting environment. Whether your addiction stems from prescription medications to self inducement, we are prepared to meet you and your addiction where you are at and decrease usage through a variety of methods.

Luxury Detox Center Services

Detox Programs

Our detox programs at The Retreat include private, medically-assisted detox. When you enter one of our programs, we’ll guide you through the detox journey, so that you can remain focused on your recovery with confidence.

Insurance Verification

The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers accepts private PPO out-of-network insurance coverage, as well as those with PPO medical insurance plans. As the gold standard of detox care, The Retreat will work with you to develop a financial plan that meets your specific needs.

Our Private Facility

Located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers is a luxurious and private detox facility situated on three beautiful acres. Our amenities include your own private room, a private holistic chef, concierge services, a swimming pool and multiple tree-lined green and garden areas in a gated community.

Enjoy Luxury and Privacy at The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers!

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